• Each treatment costs £25 and lasts for one hour.  For the first treatment you are asked to complete a consultation sheet which will be sent to you when you book.​​


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Reflexology is a non-invasive treatment which uses the meridians that you might be familiar with from Chinese medicine.  The meridians run from head to toe, passing through all the internal organs.  As they pass through the feet, reflexology uses this to allow access to the internal organs by working on the meridians on the feet.  There are pictures on the walls of the pyramids which have been interpreted as showing reflexology, so it lays claim to thousands of years of history.  The system that Rachel uses was developed by Inge Dougans created a map showing which part of the feet relates to which part of the body.

Reflexology can also be an effective treatment for many conditions ranging from anxiety to migraines and beyond, with the relaxation that a client gains through a treatment providing the opportunity for healing for them.  Many clients report feeling more able to cope with life, which can only be a good thing for many aspects. 

Rachel has had training in reflexology for maternity and conception, so is able to treat pregnant clients as well as those trying to conceive.