​ cOunselling

  • £40  for individual counselling

  • £55 for couple counselling                   (Home visits are also available)

Having worked for over 33 years in nursing within mental health, general nursing, palliative care and HIV Jaine subsequently trained in Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Psychotherapy.  Her  Counselling approach is integrative, including Person centred, Psychodynamic, Compassion focused and using CBT where appropriate.  Jaine is used to working with the highest degree of confidentiality and sensitivity to all.

​ hypnotherpy

  • £40  for individual counselling            (Home visits are also available)

Counselling can help with:-

-Conflict management
-Bullying and harassment
-Work life balance
-Anger management
-Sexuality issues
-Relationship difficulties 

Jaine also offers Couple counselling for couples who need help to work through their problems and if possible find a way to get their relationship back on track.


Hypnotherapy can be useful for a number of reasons including:-

-Low self esteem

​​Counselling  and hypnotherapy

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Jane Weaver Counselling 

Tel: 07896612275  

Email: jaine.weaver@gmail.com

Web: www.jaineweavercounselling-counselling.co.uk

Jaine offers individual Counselling and Hypnotherapy to help clients address the many emotional or psychological difficulties and stresses that life often throws at us.  Talking through personal issues or concerns can have a powerful positive effect on our emotional and psychological well being and help with decision making and moving life forward.