​​ ​Bach Flower Therapy

  • £20 for 30mins including remedy mix and bottle.

​​Bach Flower Therapy

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Hilary Canto, Bach Flower Practitioner

Tel: 07706 115922

Email: hilarycanto@gmail.com

​Dr Bach was a respected Homeopath who created the only safe complete system of flower essences for emotional healing. There are 38 remedies and a Rescue Remedy which deal with every combination of emotions and thoughts. A mother tincture is made from the flower and preserved as a stock remedy in brandy and water (a glycerine alternative can be offered). The remedies are then taken in a glass of water throughout the day. The remedies chosen come under 7 distinct categories of which your issue will be part of.

​Why you might need Bach flower therapy


-Insufficient interest in present circumstances
-Oversensitivity to influences and ideas
-Despondency and despair
-Over care or concern for the welfare of others


I trained in Natural Nutrition, Bach Flower Therapy, Sound and Energy Healing and worked in private practice at The Beacon Clinic, Malvern 2002 to 2005 before moving abroad. During this time I developed a deeper knowledge of Bach Flower Therapy’s ability to help heal all of our relationships with life. The power of this vibrational medicine rebalances heart and mind to free the inner self. I bring this expertise to The Harmony Centre.